Upcycling maps

Make a map stationery holder

What I need in my life is more stationery storage!! I’ve always been obsessed with pens, pencils, rulers, pretty scissors, colourful paper clips, patterned post its, you name it I’ve lusted after it!

What I’m also a huge fan of is quick and simple makes!
map-stationery-pot-tutorial-13aMy handmade home is awash with projects I’ve completed in a flash but look great and make me smile with pride every time I catch a glimpse of them. It’s also great when projects involve an element of up-cycling.
This project really does tick every one of those boxes.
It look less than five minutes and now has pride of place on my craft desk housing my pink Dovecraft ruler together with my old-school metal version, a decoupage brush and new Tiger Stores craft scissors.  My other pen pot is a mug I’ve had for about 32 years!

For a satisfying weekend make or a fast five minute craft project this is your go-to tutorial.

All you need is:
– an empty coffee tin
– double sided tape
– a map (I used a page out of last year’s diary but a page from any atlas, road map or streetmap will work equally well)
– a craft knife
– a ruler

Step 1 – Trim the map using a sharp craft knife and metal edged ruler. I trimmed the top based on which area of the map I wanted to finish at the top of the pencil pot.

Step 2 – Measure the height of the coffee tin and trim the bottom of the map to size.
 Step 3 – Wrap double sided tape around the circumference of the coffee tin – note that the tin has a slight bevel at the bottom of the tin so I have avoided placing the tape at the very edge.
Step 4 –  Remove the backing from the double sided tape and gently and slowly wrap the map around the jar. Pay attention to the edges of the map to ensure they remain lined up with the rim of the coffee pot.
Et voila!

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