Handmade tea light gift box

Tea light gift box tutorial

Easy handmade gifts - Tea light gift box project

Easy handmade gifts – Tea light gift box project

As any mum will know, despite every best effort to be organised and in control at Christmas, there will always be something that slips the net. Aside from forgetting to buy a turkey or liaising with Santa’s elves over the must-have gift, most slip ups can be easily overlooked or rectified.

I found myself in such a situation this Christmas when two days before the school term ended I realised I had forgotten the teachers’ gifts. A simple solution would have been to nip to the local convenience shop, grab a few boxes of chocolates and stick a gift tag on top, but I am a crafter and this just simply would not do.

Easy Christmas gift for teachers

Easy Christmas gift for teachers

However, out of the crisis came a gem of a gift idea.

I had a think about what I had at my disposal to whip up a very quick handmade gift suitable for my 4 and 8 year olds’ teachers …. glass jars, copious amounts of Christmas themed papers, washi tape, Christmas dies, a Cricut machine, bows, ribbon, paper gift bags… a great core stash of supplies to make a handmade gift. But what could the gift itself be? There was no time to bake anything, and the Christmas food shopping wasn’t due for delivery for another two days so the cupboards were also bare. Then a light bulb flashed in my head or rather a tea light flickered. A huge bag of Ikea tea lights had been resting in the drawer for too long and it was time for those beauties to shine!

Tea light washi tape makeover

Tea light washi tape makeover

Each gift took just a few minutes to pull together and it was something the kids themselves could get involved in. This handmade tea light gift box ticked all the boxes as far as teachers’ gifts are concerned and showed that we appreciate the care and attention the teachers and teaching assistants give to my children.

Easy handmade gifts - Tea light gift box project

Easy handmade gifts – Tea light gift box project

I think this little gift box filled with bespoke tea lights would also make fantastic wedding favours and birthday gifts. Here’s how to make them:

Tea light gift box tutorial step 5

Tea light gift box tutorial

How to make a simple handmade gift with paper, washi tape and tea lights

Step 1 – Wrap washi tape around a tea light covering all of the silver casing. Repeat for another three tea lights.

Step 2 – Visit Cricut Design Space and cut the Window Box Lid from the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge. I resized the box so that the base measured  3.24 inches square – perfect for four tea lights. This makes the box base 5.38 x 5.41 inches. I also used the contour tool to remove the shape from the lid and added a shape suitable for the occasion. E.g. a star for the Christmas boxes, a wedding cake for the favour boxes and four squares to make a present shape on the birthday gift boxes. You can go direct to my file to cut any of these boxes by clicking here: https://uk.cricut.com/design/#/canvas/50362675.

If you don’t have a Cricut you can place your decorated tea lights into a cellophane gift bag and top with a ribbon, bow or a tag.

Step 3 – Build the box and lid using double sided tape to fix the sides together and attach the acetate underneath the aperture on the top of the box. I used Cricut foil acetate which has some lovely patterns to compliment the paper designs.

Step 4 – Place the tea lights inside the box, fit the lid and ta da! A simple gift idea that will light up the occasion.

Handmade tea light gift box

Handmade tea light gift box


I used: 

Ikea tea lights

Christmas gift boxes – First Edition Christmas Story papers, Dovecraft Christmas washi tape

Birthday gift box – First Edition Paradise Crush 12 x 12 Paper Pad, Dovecraft Spring Washi Tape

Teachers’ Gift box – Simpy Creative Chalkboard 12 x 12 papers

Wedding Favours – First Edition Love Story 12×12 paper pad 


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