Tuesday Tip – paper piecing

tuesdaytip-paper-piecing-10It’s time for my #TuesdayTip again!

Here’s a very simple tip that can make your papercraft toppers stand out. Sometimes when you have a die cut that has a negative space (pieces cut out of the middle), you can loose the definition of the shape once it is placed in position on your card, scrapbooking page or  home decor piece. This tip will make sure it stands out and does the job it’s supposed to do!

When you cut your die shape, cut it twice. Depending on which die cutting machine you are using, you may be able to layer your papers cutting in just one pass, or you may have to pass it through one at a time. Whichever way you cut them, make sure that the colours in the papers you have chosen are very different. ALso make sure you keep all your negative spaces from both die cuts as you will need these for the project.

tuesdaytip-paper-piecing-9You can do your paper piecing when your die cut shape is secured to your project by glueing the negative spaces from the second colour into the gaps in the shape cut from your first colour but I find this method much easier.

All it takes is a strip of tape placed on the back of the die cut shape. I’ve used double sided tape but it only needs to be sticky on one side really. The beauty of double sided tape is that you can then peel off the backing when you want to secure it to your project. As in the picture, simply place the tape on the back of the die, running over the negative spaces. if your tape goes over the edges of your die cut shape, you can trim it off at the end.

Turn your die cut shape over and place the negative spaces from your second colour into the gaps in the original shape. It’s that easy. I’ve shown two examples here and shown how they have been used on a card project.

I’ve used Trimcraft First Edition pads for these cards. The Storyteller and Black Out pads are both still available at a bargain price of £10 on Create & Craft TV but you’ll need to be quick as there aren’t many left. There’s a video with Jenny Cleary and Dan  Bancroft showing you the papers in the pads here.

As ever, I’d love to see your paper piecing makes. Show me by tagging @KathyCraftsTV on Twitter and Instagram or post to my Facebook wall.



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