Inked edge technique

Tuesday Tip – paper inking for definition

inked-edge-technique-4If you are looking for a really quick way to add dimension, definition and layers to your cards, scrapbooking and papercraft projects then this is definitely the tip for you.

Today’s #TuesdayTip is the inked edge technique which immediately creates a frame or border to your paper meaning it will stand out on your project.

Inked edges also cuts out down on the number of layers you need so you can make your paper stash go further when matting and layering.

The best results come when you use a contrasting colour e.g. copper on a pale grey paper, black on white paper, pink on green paper, etc. Have a look at the images below to see more ideas.

The inked edge technique is so easy. It’s simply a case of running an inkpad along the paper edge. Take care when handling the paper while the ink is wet. Leave your papers somewhere safe and away from your project for a few minutes to allow the ink to dry and to avoid transferring any wet ink onto other papers, embellishments or the project itself.

Inking paper edges

Layer as you would any other paper using double sided tape, a glue runner, wet glue or foam pads.

As ever, I’d love to see your makes using this technique so please do share them with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or by searching for Kathy Crafts TV on social channels.

Happy crafting folks!




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