Tuesday Tip – die cut shadows

tuesday-tip-die-cut-shaddows-sailor-card-for-men-close-upToday’s #TuesdayTip is a very quick one but when I discovered this little trick it made a huge impact on the overall appearance of my papercraft projects.

Shadow die cuts are such a simple idea, but a way to really make the shapes stand out on your scrapbooking or handmade cards.

The technique of die cut shaddows is very simple and needs two die cuts in the same shape positioned on top of each other, one slightly askew from the other and in contrasting colours. This method creates the effect of a shadow and makes the sentiment or die cut shape really stand out, be more legible and be a focus for the project.

tuesday-tip-shaddow-die-cut-musical-shutter-cardTake these musical elements on this shutter card, with such busy – but stunning – patterns in the paper, the die cut elements are at risk of being lost and merging into the background. Staggering die cuts in plain colours with the exact same shape in a contrasting colour on top means that the shapes hold their own and become active in the card rather than disappearing into the space.

Don’t forget, you can send me pictures of your makes using this technique via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or by searching for Kathy Crafts TV on social channels. I’d love to see what you’ve been working on using this #TuesdayTip.

Happy crafting folks!



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