Tuesday Tip – make small die cuts into stickers

It’s Tuesday so here I am with another handy craft tip.
This is one that I’ve used a lot during my Create and Craft TV demos as it’s mess-free and is a very quick way to add smaller  die cuts to your projects, particularly if they are intricate.

tuesday-tip-tiny-die-cut-tipsBefore die cutting your shape, place double sided tape on the back of your paper or card stock. Run the die and paper through your machine and you will have a ready made sticker. There is no need for glue or any other adhesive, you can just fix to your project straight away without fuss or mess.

You may need to pass backwards and forwards through your machine, or run it through your electronic die cutting machine twice. You’ll need to experiment to find out what works best with your machine, your dies and the quality of the tape you are using.

Here’s a quick video of the tip in action.

Please do share with me your projects using this technique, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by mentioning KathyCraftsTV.


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