Trimcraft Bloggers Day

Making crafty friends – Trimcraft Bloggers’ Day


The Trimcraft team (Cat, Sarah, Me, Maxine and Claire)

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I was asked to help host the first (hopefully of many) Trimcraft Bloggers’ Day events. And what a day it turned out to be.



Marketing manager, Claire, and her team including Maxine, Cat and Sarah, had arranged a fun-filled day of crafting and cake, mixed in with new product sneak peeks and tutorials. Katie and Alice also helped make the day run smoothly


The event was planned to mark the launch of The Craft Blog which replaces the Trimcraft web site. The new refreshed look is clean and crisp and extremely easy to navigate. I love that users can find everything they need at the touch of a button.

One of the best features for me is the inspiration gallery where crafters can share images of projects they have made and other people can like or comment on them. What a great way to share what we have learned during our crafting as well as show off the makes we are especially proud of.



Getting our craft on at the Trimcraft Bloggers’ Day

There are quick links to competitions and giveaways, free paper and template downloads, video tutorials, stockists, nearest demonstrations as well as the blog where Trimcraft give us all the info on new product launches, tutorials, inspiration and of course my monthly craft diaries!



Everyone loved the new look of the site and I am sure you’ll enjoy getting to know it too. I hope you upload your makes in the gallery.


During the Bloggers’ Day event itself, our blogger friends had the chance to try out a number of craft projects. The first was Deco Mache and I was really pleased that this was included in the itinerary. This was where I got my crafting mojo back after having my children. A local craft cafe offers this activity and I was hooked from the moment I picked up the glue brush. Each and every one of the crafters decorated their frames in a different way which just goes to show how we are all inspired in different ways. It was great to see them all in one place once they were finished. I think you’ll agree they look very impressive.



Origami flowers

Our second craft activity was to make origami paper flowers. Claire showed us how to make these in one of our recent videos using three petals but you can add more to make the flower heads bigger. I think six petals look nice. You can also choose to keep all of the petals the same or use different papers to mix it up a bit. Either way, these would make a great addition to your home or even a Mother’s Day gift. Follow the video tutorial here.




Making notebooks

After lunch we showed the crafters how to make their own notebooks. I have to admit that this was met with excitement and aprehension in equal measure as it involved hitting a metal hole punch with a hammer. Personally I love giving the metal a good whack, but not everyone enjoyed the noise! You could of course purchase a long punch tool to do the same job. If you want to learn how to make these for yourself you can follow the video here.



The final craft challenge was to make something personal using the brand new Wild Flower paper pad (which is irresistible). We asked crafters to leave their makes behind so that we can adorn a mannequin with them to take pride of place in the Trimcraft offices.

Wild Flower papers by Trimcraft

Wild Flower papers by Trimcraft

I wasn’t needed to instruct or help during this activity as everyone was crafting away making their items so I managed to grab a few minutes to make my own project. I absolutely love maps and I think the blue and green colour palette on some of the papers in the Wild Flowers pad have a map feel to them. Having made 16 pinwheels for the selfie wall at the event, I felt this was pretty apt coupled with a globe die cut.  Sums me up perfectly! I might event make some more for the walls in our hallway.


I can’t wait to see what the mannequin looks like once all of the items are attached. it’s going to be amazing.  Infinitely better than the ‘craftermath’ we left behind!!

At the end of the event, goody bags containing more than 4kg of craft materials were given out! Many of our bloggers have filmed ‘unboxing’ videos showing what was in their stash as well as their thoughts on the day so please do visit their sites to read their views and give them a follow on their social media. – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Card Crazy Creations – Facebook, Instagram, – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – Facebook, Pinterest – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Pinterest

Christine Bilyard – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

The Diary of a Frugal Family – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Mum in the Mad House – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Made it Bespoke – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter



5 thoughts on “Making crafty friends – Trimcraft Bloggers’ Day

  1. Christine Bilyard says:

    Thank you for helping to organise such a fab event. I enjoyed it so much and it was lovely to meet you.

    Fab photos too – I love how you’ve even captured the craftermath!

    Thanks for including the details of everyone’s blog/websites too I didn’t quite get all of them on the day so that’s super handy.

    Christine x


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