Deco Mache Easter Eggs

Tuesday Tip – Deco Mache drying

Easter egg deco mache6aTonight’s #TuesdayTip is a very quick one as I have just returned from Create & Craft TV after this morning’s show, but it’s a very handy one for Deco Mache projects.

I recently decorated some polystyrene eggs for an Easter project and half way through decorating the first one wondered how I was going to leave them to dry without damaging the egg. I didn’t want any part of the egg to rest on a surface as the glue / varnish would have stuck and damaged the coating when I moved it.

So I reached for a handy potato, a few cocktail sticks and hey presto, a DIY drying rack.

Easter egg deco mache5a

This drying technique would work for any polystyrene shapes. insert the cocktail stick – or skewer if you’re decorating a larger item – and hold on to this whilst applying the glue and papers. When the item is completely covered stick it into the potato and leave to dry.

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