Tuesday Tip – washi tape cake board trim

#TuesdayTip - washi tape trims for cake drums

#TuesdayTip – washi tape trims for cake drums

I like to think that I live a creative life. For me, that means thinking creatively in everything I do, whether that be around the home, in the garden, with the kids at the weekend and, of course, when baking.

I make cakes for friends and family and – as with my cardmaking and papercraft projects – I am a perfectionist. I always cover my cake drum (the base that the cake stands on) with icing so that it matches the cake rather than leaving it silver and I always add a trim around the edge of the drum.

I used to use ribbon, attaching it with a bit of tape at the back but sometimes this would mean it gaped a bit at the front. Plus ribbon is REALLY expensive!

After using washi tape on cards, to wrap parcels, as a decoration on envelopes when sending happy mail, and of course sticking things to my craft room wall it dawned on me that this ‘sticky ribbon’ (as Jo Foster at Create & Craft TV describes it) would be the perfect alternative.

Washi for a cake board trimI think, metaphorically, this is the icing on the cake!!! It’s the little finishing touches that make a project shine and for me, washi tape is the way to go.

I’m guessing my son approves too judging by his reaction here!

Don’t forget to share your washi projects with me on social media, search for KAthy Crafts TV on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

(The monster cake design was originated by Arte da Ka)


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