Feeling ‘inspirated’ with Easter crafts

Crafting with kidsAlthough she is only 8 years old – and I am probably biased – my daughter is hugely talented when it comes to craft.

She combines colours and shapes and know which patterns are going to work together. I can see her mentally planning her designs and then laying them out to make sure everything is where she wants it to be before she sticks it down.

I’ve been known to use her ideas as samples or even demos for my shows on Create & Craft TV!!

Even though I am on holiday from work this week, I have had a wonderful time crafting with her. It never feels like work anyway, so we just enjoyed spending our crafterafternoon together using the Free downloadable Easter papers from Trimcraft.

My husband didn’t enjoy it so much as we migrated into the kitchen as my craft room is currently too cluttered to accommodate two crafters!! Ooops! That’s a bank holiday job for me!

Free Easter craft papers 7The latest free papers are as exquisite as ever. The colours are perfect, the designs are cute and the toppers perfectly coordinate. They are so easy to craft with we both set to work straight away creating our cards.

It seems my little lady is as creative with her words as she is her cardmaking as during our crafty session she exclaimed: “Oooohh Mum, you’ve just inspirated me to do something!” before grabbing some of the papers and a pair of scissors.

I had to write that down! I don’t think I’ve ever inspirated before but it felt good!

While I stuck to creating cards, albeit in different shapes and orientations, my crafting apprentice also made an Easter basket. “To hold all our Easter treats in from our hunt mum!”. Hmmmm I’d better have a word with the Eater bunny to check the preparation is in hand.

Free Easter craft papers 3She did make a few cards too. She loves to create a scene on her projects so these papers were ideal. She chose her card blanks to suit, really thinking about what she wanted her finished design to look like.

I won’t divulge which crafts were hers and which were mine but I’d say she’s done an amazing job and she’s certainly inspirated me!

Head to the Trimcraft blog for more inspiration using these Free downloadable papers and here is the link to get your own.


3 thoughts on “Feeling ‘inspirated’ with Easter crafts

  1. Heather Mitchell says:

    I used to love having a making session with my kids and now it’s ‘Mum, I need help with my art homework” as the youngest delves into my crafty supplies! Fab projects Kathy… can’t tell who’s is who’s! Def someone to step into your Trimcraft shoes maybe?! x

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