Create bespoke backgrounds with stamps

Missing in action – Tuesday Tip bespoke stamp backgrounds

Create bespoke backgrounds with stamps 4I must start this post by apologizing for being missing in action. I have neglected to write the last two #TuesdayTip posts due to my inability to manage my time effectively during the children’s Easter holidays.

In my defence, I took the first week off work to do fun things with the kids – which we did manage to do. We went to the cinema, flew a kite in the countryside, saw the Lego exhibition at the local art gallery and had a day out in the woods following the Gruffalo trail.

But that doesn’t excuse last week. I’ll blame it on catching up from a week off and the fact that the children were about the house whilst I was trying to work and travelling to the Create & Craft studio on Tuesday to do a show.

Create bespoke backgrounds with stamps 7In fact I’m moderately pleased with myself for having got this far through the year before stumbling, so instead of beating myself up I am moving on and am ready to share another crafting tip.

Based on the fact that the children have been off school, I took the opportunity to catch up on my 5 year old’s thank you cards. His birthday was in March so again, we are slightly behind schedule. However, I did foresee the possible delay tactics my son would use when prompted to do his thank yous so I did tactically purchase a dinosaur stamp set as one of the presents for his birthday.

Perhaps it would have been quicker and easier to buy thank you cards and write them myself rather than have him make them but that was never going to happen so instead I thought this very quick and simple card making trick would get the job done.

Create bespoke backgrounds with stamps 5I picked out a few 12 x 12 papers in pale colours and gave my son free reign with the stamps and inks, stamping freely in any direction and overlapping. He loved the ombre effect he could create by inking the stamps across both the red and blue inks on the due stamp pad. I could see that he actually surprised himself how much fun he had creating his backing papers.

And yes he is taking after his mum and crafting in his pyjamas!!

However the novelty soon wore off and after completing three sheets, as far as he was concerned, he was done! Fair enough. I set to cutting the papers down to fit small notecards, stamping thank you sentiments – a freebie from Crafts Beautiful magazine – and cutting them out as toppers. My daughter wrote the inside messages leaving my son to sign his name. Overall a team effort!

I used the same technique to create a wedding card using the First Edition Sweet Nothings papers and a Dovecraft sentiment stamp. If I was to do this again I would use a more subtle colour ink as I think the bright pink is a bit too brash but you get the idea.

I cut the stamped background to size and placed it on a card blank created using another paper in the pad. I then layered up other papers and used one of the stamped sentiments as a topper. The wedding cake die and heart die are from the latest collection I launched on Create & Craft TV yesterday. It’s still available and a bargain for the full set of 13 packs – 18 dies in total. Click here to get yours.

Please share your bespoke stamped backgrounds with me on social media. I am Kathy Crafts TV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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