Tuesday Tip – paper piecing cheat

Quick Paperpiecing #TiesdayTipIt’s a quick #TuesdayTip tonight as I am running out of Tuesday! I’ve spend the day preparing for upcoming Create & Craft shows preparing briefing documents and squeezing in some scrapbooking.

So just as this blog post will be quick, this craft tip saves plenty of time too. In one of my earlier #TuesdayTip posts I explained paper piecing to make die cuts with negative spaces really stand out.  You can read the original post here, but this is a much quicker way to get the same effect.

Paper piecing #TuesdayTipWhen you have cut your die cut shape out, take a piece of contrasting paper to create the background. Glue the die cut to the background without fixing the very edges. Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the edges of the background. As the back wont be seen once the die cut is attached to your project, it doesn’t matter how neat your cutting is.

You can use the same technique to create a border around a die cut shape.

Cheating at Paperpiecing #TuesdayTip

Easy paper piecing techniques




Apologies this is such a speedy post. But rest assured there will be lots of inspiration to see soon.


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