Sweet Nothings scrapbook layout

Confessions of a scrapbooker

Sweet Nothings scrapbook layout

A photo taken in the studio at Create & Craft is the focal point of this scrapbook layout using First Edition Sweet Nothings papers

I’m calling today ‘Honest Saturday’ and owning up to something that I’m sure I’ll feel better after admitting.  In actual fact today is National Scrapbooking Day, hence the timing of my confession.

Here goes! Despite being a craft addict and trying my hand at a vast array of craft genres (sewing, knitting, decoupage, cardmaking, home decor, glass painting, calligraphy, crochet, cross stitch, jewellery making, painting, and probably even more that don’t immediately spring to mind) up until very recently I have consciously avoided scrapbooking. 😳

OK, that feels a little better to have it out in the open. I’ll feel better still if I explain why I fled from this wonderfully rewarding creative process for so long ….. but I’m delighted to say have now succumbed. 

For several years I intended to scrapbook and made the necessary purchases – cool embellishments like tags, pegs, twine, words and stickers, postcards, alphabets, mini envelopes, scrapbook page titles and 12×12 paper pads, filling up my crafty stash. However I never got round to actually putting a layout together.

Wild Flower Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook layout using First Edition Wild Flower papers.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the times we would go up into the loft and spend hours flicking through old family photograph albums. My mum meticulously placed literally hundreds of pictures in albums chronicling important milestones in our childhood as well as everyday life in the 80s and 90s. It’s still a treat to look back and re-recall days out, childhood pets, long departed grandparents, previous homes and friends we’ve unfortunately lost touch with.

Yet I am typical of so many other people these days, snapping away hundreds of photos on my iPhone and never doing anything with them other than posting the occasional Facebook or Instagram post. Even then I’m not disciplined at keeping my Facebook photos in the right albums!

So why wouldn’t I jump onto the scrapbooking bandwagon and seize the opportunity to combine crafting with capturing life’s landmarks?  I am almost certain I know the reason why. And I have been proven right!

I avoided scrapbooking because I knew I would become addicted!

Sweet Nothings scrapbook layout

The First Edition Sweet Nothings papers are the perfect accompaniment to this photo taken at my brother’s wedding where my daughter was a flower girl.

I accurately predicted that I would get the bug! I now constantly imagine new layouts, recall pictures that would work well on pages and plan titles in my head – usually while I should be concentrating on something else.

I am well aware of how lucky I am to have access to crafty goodies as part of my job and recently I presented a scrapbooking kit on Create & Craft TV and included a demo using the kit (you can see the layouts here) . Next Monday (15 May) I will have two exquisite scrapbook albums available together with delightful First Edition paper pads so I have had to dive in and prepare layouts worthy of exposure across social media, the C&C web site and on live TV!

It’s difficult to know whether my layouts are any good, or can inspire others to start or develop their scrapbooking, as the layouts I have created are so personal to me. 

Scrapbooking is an emotional craft and the majority of the images I have used feature friends and family and have special meaning. And I think that’s the very reason scrapbooking is growing in popularity. It’s a selfish craft, something you create completely for yourself. Unlike a card, a home decor piece or a gift, a scrapbook layout will not be given away or sold.

Wild Flower Scrapbook layout

Scrapbook layout using First Edition Wild Flower papers. This page captures a dayout at Bodenham Arboretum meeting the Gruffalo and playing in the woods.

Anything handmade offers satisfaction and it’s well known that making things by hand – whatever the craft – is relaxing, good for the soul and can benefit mental health.  But scrapbooking goes just that little bit futher. It’s something you will keep, treasure even, and look back on for years to come.

I, for one, am very much looking forward to filling many scrapbooks that I will open and admire with my children – maybe even grandchildren – in years to come. You can expect more scrapbook layouts from me!!


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