TuesdayTip - using photographs for handmade cards3

It’s a photo opportunity (Tuesday Tip)

TuesdayTip - using photographs for handmade cardsSince contracting the scrapbooking bug I have been thinking about photographs in a different light. Whereas I once happily took a photo knowing it would sit dormant on my camera’s memory until I was unable to take any more images and then be downloaded onto a USB stick or computer to be looked at one in a blue moon, I now think about how I can use the photo after it’s been taken.

On a recent trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham I happily snapped away at the plants, flowers and birds while mentally imagining scrapbook layouts and identifying which patterned papers would work best with each image.

But what I hadn’t thought about, until I came to prepare a thank you card for the host of the trip, was using the photographs on a card. Cue light-bulb moment and a realisaion that I had the content for this week’s #TuesdayTip – using photographs on handmade cards.

TuesdayTip - using photographs for handmade cards1As with scrapbooking, I was still able to use patterned papers to compliment the images, but it meant that the card was even more personal to the recipient.

I planned an 8×8 layout so that I could get as many photos on there as possible, and created a sort of frame for the sentiment using 12 images layered onto patterned papers.

I drew a very feint pencil line vertically and horizontally at the half way point so that I could line everything up and stamped a sentiment in the centre of the card. I used the large Dovecraft stamps which are perfect for providing a focus for a card. I used spring green ink, tying in with the botanical theme of the card and the papers and embossed with a green pearl effect embossing powder. I think embossing adds a professional finish to stamping and ‘seals’ the sentiment on the card.

I then gave each photograph definition by running a First Edition alcohol marker along the edges. Each image was printed at 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) square and each paper layer was 4.5 cm (1.8 inches).  I used Trimcraft First Edition Paradise Crush papers for the backing papers as they were perfect for the tropical flowers I had taken pictures of.

When laying the card out before fixing everything down I hit upon another way photographs can help with handmade cardmaking. I took a photo of the images both straight and at an angle. I was then able to flick between the two to see which I preferred. This is a useful tip when preparing new layouts so that you can see the card differently and gauge whether it needs any alterations.

In actual fact with this card I still couldn’t decide which one was better so I just went for the angles as I thought it looked a bit more fun than formal. However, seeing the card layout in a photograph made me realise that the papers lacked a bit of definition compared to the photographs on the card. So, I took the Spring Green First Edition Alcohol Marker and edged each one.

Once I was happy with the final layout I glued everything down.

TuesdayTip - using photographs for handmade cards2

I hope the recipient could tell how grateful I was for the wonderful day out and of course the scrapbook content I captured during the trip!



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