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Handmade cards inspired by RHS CHelsea Flower Show4It is by design that this #TuesdayTip is a day late. The tragic events in Manchester on Monday night that dominated the news all day yesterday left me numb.

The vindictive and senseless attack on innocent people enjoying one of the most basic pleasures in life – a shared love of music – was incomprehensible to me. I imagine it will take some time before the gloomy cloud that is following me lifts and I am acutely aware that for many this will never be the case. The effects of that horrific night will be carried with too many families and friends of the victims forever.

I struggled all day yesterday to put my crafting into perspective. I found it difficult to see the potential in my craft stash. I had to dig deep to find the motivation to tick off the tasks on my to do list.

However, I live by Ghandi’s mantra: “An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind”. We must not show fear. We must not give the perpetrators the pleasure of causing anger inside us. We have to carry on in our daily lives, carry on seeing beauty in the world and carry on enjoying our family and friends.

Handmade cards inspired by RHS CHelsea Flower Show3I had to remind myself of the power of crafting both for the crafter and the receiver of a handmade item. Crafting has long been hailed for its healing powers, it’s ability to help people struggling with health issues, giving purpose and a focus when negativity seems to be prevailing. And anyone receiving a handmade item can’t fail to feel the love and kindness that has gone into creating their truly unique gift or card.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling a sense of delight at taking raw materials and turning them into something beautiful. It’s why I craft. Essentially, my craft room is my happy place. It’s where I escape to and I dealt with yesterday’s news by reminding myself of this.

So today’s #TuesdayTip (on Wednesday) takes a slightly different tack. Instead of a specific technique, today I am sharing links to places you can find inspiration when the creativity dries up. When you’re staring at your crafty stash and wondering how you will ever create a thing of beauty. We all need a little help and motivation sometimes and these are the places I look to when I am design-blind.


This vast array of individual projects have been created by crafters and uploaded to a gallery dedicated to inspiring others.

Projects include card making, scrapbooking, DIY, home decor, baking, upcycling projects and much more.

You can filter the gallery to find projects using specific colours or for certain occasions. If you sign in you can also save inspiration, ‘like’ or comment on other people’s projects and add your own.

  • Pinterest


I dread to think of the number of hours I have spent (**wasted**) trawling Pinterest! It’s a treasure trove of inspiration for crafters in the form of a virtual mood board. A simple search can bring up thousands of images, which link directly to tutorials, step by step guides and videos helping you develop as a crafter. I’ve created my own boards at

  • Magazines

Magazine inspirationI keep all of my craft magazines in box files in my craft room. My other half thinks I am mad but I love to pick a random back issue and browse through the lovely projects that have been created and shared.

From card shapes to colour combinations as well as new designs, there is always something in there that can spark a new idea in your creative mind.

  • All around me

Some people find this very easy but I confess it’s something I probably have to work a little harder at. Inspiration can be found all around us, particularly in nature.  Here are a couple of cards I have created using inspiration from stands at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show.   The first is from my second visit to the show in 2015, inspired by the Marks and Spencer exhibit. For three years I had the most amazing fortune to attend press day. It’s one of my life goals to work there again in some capacity but this year I have to be content with Instagram and BBC coverage. The other three cards are inspired by this year’s Interflora designs.

Where do you find inspiration? I’d love to know so please post in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration on tap

  1. Isn't She Crafty says:

    I love Pinterest, especially if I’ve got a stamp set or something which have found myself stuck in a rut with. Create and Craft is great, I find myself getting out my stash and joining in, even if I am doing something totally different to the demonstrator, it’s a social feeling activity. I also find other people’s blogs can be really inspirational, new techniques to try and new ways to use old ones

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