Embossing for clean and simple cards – Tuesday Tip

How to use embossing foldersIn today’s #TuesdayTip papercraft blog post I am introducing you to my new ‘craft-stash-favourite’.

I’ve had plenty of these items in my craft room for a while now – and I have in fact used them on many occasions – but it’s only recently that I’ve become a convert and fanatical about embossing folders.

I love the way they can transform a plain background into something amazing, and they’re so quick and easy to use too.  They are so effective that it is very easy to make stunning cards that are clean and simple (CAS) in a very short space of time.

How to use embossing folders

  • Cut your paper to the size of the folder (or smaller). This is the quickest and easiest way to emboss. However it is possible to emboss a larger paper by lining up the design and embossing again. This will, however, depend on the mouth of your die cutting machine as you’ll need sufficient space to have papers protruding from the sides of the folder
Purple embossed birthday card

Purple embossed birthday card

  • Change your die cutting machine plates. Embossing folders are thicker than dies so you will need to refer to your machine’s manual to make sure you have the correct sandwich. It’s usually a case of removing a plate or switching to a thinner plate.
  • If you are embossing die cuts, cut first and emboss second. Try this on patterned papers, plain papers, mirror card, etc. Play around and find effects and patterns you particularly like.
  • That’s it! It’s that simple. Here are a few I’ve made recently.


Don’t forget to share your embossing folder creations with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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