Diamond card shape tutorial

Diamond new baby cardI’ve been playing catch up since Friday when I had the pleasure of sitting through two and a half hours of the junior school talent show. We were advised it would be an hour-long show and, with my daughter joining three friends to give their own rendition of Olly Murs’ Up, I joyfully went along ready to be entertained.

However returning home three hours later I had to tackle my to do list with gusto and try and get back on track. I failed, and several days later I am still not quite up to date with everything.

All of this rambling is of course to try and excuse myself for missing this week’s #TuesdayTip, which, for the second time this year, has now slipped into Wednesday.

But, it’s a good one and, I hope, worth the wait!

On a previous post I received a comment asking about the diamond fold card so this is how you make it.

You’ll need:

  • 12 x 12 papers – if you use double sided you can miss out the matting and layering but if not, plain card is fine.
  • Scoreboard or craft knife and craft mat
  • Embellishments of choice

Diamond fold card tutorialI work in inches just because I use a scoreboard with inches on, but also because I find it easier when papers and cards are also measured in inches. However with these measurements it’s simple to convert to centimeters.

You’ll need to trim your 12 x 12 paper down to 12 inches x 6 inches (30 x 15 cm) and with the paper landscape format, score vertically at 4 and 8 inches (10 and 20 cm).

Mark points at 2 inches (5cm), 6 inches (15cm) and 10 inches (25cm) across the top and bottom edge of the paper. Score diagonally to join these points as shown on the diagram.

Fold along the score lines and hey presto you have a diamond fold card.

Add papers and embellishments and you’ll have yourself a wonderful card to give to a loved one.

Diamond fold handmade card

Don’t forget to share your makes with me by tagging @KathyCraftsTV on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Happy crafting!

tuesdaytip-paper-piecing-11 Diamond fold card tutorial

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