Inspiration on hand – Tuesday Tip

Inspiration book sketches

If, like me, you make lots of cards and there are times when time is of the essence, then this #TuesdayTip is just for you.

When I am creating samples for my shows on Create & Craft TV, I make up to 30 cards or projects with each collection or item that will be available on the show. This can be quite a task if there are three or four collections on offer!

I have found that having a ‘design’ book that I can refer back to can speed up the thought process and give me ideas of where to start with my sample making. Obviously each card will be different in the end as it will use different items and collections but it undoubtedly helps to get the ball rolling creatively to use tried and tested layouts.

Sometimes I will receive a new collection and I can instantly visualise a card design or craft project (I never tire of those exciting Eureka moments with a new craft product). It’s at this point that I add a new card or project sketch into my notebook. And that it how it grows and keeps evolving.

Inspiration Book

Of course, I covered my notebook in First Edition papers and had a little dabble at hand lettering on the front but I admit this does need a little more practice.

Do you keep inspiration books for your card making or other crafts or do you have a different system for keeping the ideas in your head organised? Let me know I’d love to hear from you.

Here are some of the cards inspired by this page in my notebook.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration on hand – Tuesday Tip

  1. Isn't She Crafty says:

    I use Pinterest for inspiration, but try to just remember my own designs and favourites which doesn’t work at all, hence rediscovering old techniques. I like this idea, I’ve definitely got plenty of stationery to be able to set one up x

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