Why I will never have a tattoo (yes, this is a craft blog!)

I am never getting a tattoo. I have known this for a long time but today it’s been confirmed, beyond all reasonable doubt that it’s never going to happen.

You may think that this is a random thought for a Tuesday evening in September but it’s a justified proclamation given what I have just spent the last hour and a half of my life doing. An hour and a half I won’t ever get back!

Let me fill you in on the background. Last week I decided to upgrade my phone. I haven’t had a ‘new’ phone for approximately six years, always having my husband’s hand-me-downs when he upgraded. I’ve been with the same mobile provider since I owned my first phone 20 years ago (a fact not lost on the young boy dealing with my upgrade, who admitted that I’d been a customer longer than he been alive!!! But that’s a post for another day!).

My new iPhone

My new iPhone

My current handset has been playing up, the touch screen has been temperamental and the on/off button has been defunct for at least 14 months! So, I took the plunge and after some negotiation with the aforementioned young boy, decided on an iPhone 6. It arrived today and I couldn’t be happier.  A backup of the old phone and an install of the new and the changeover was complete.

All I need to do now is get a cover to protect it (I am very likely to drop it or knock it off a table!). What’s the problem there then? A simple enough task. But herein lies the fundamental issue. There are loads of cases I like. A fair amount that I really like. But I haven’t yet seen ‘the one’.

I am waiting for the lightning bolt, a love-at-first-sight feeling. And of course, I want this immediately, without having to venture out of the house and trawl the shops. Oh and I am on a budget. A strict budget. My husband asked me how much I wanted to pay. I responded with a hesitant: “a fiver?”. He rolled his eyes!

I have shortlisted about 6 possible choices. The one I did fall in love with on Pinterest has been removed from the Etsy store it was listed in. A real shame as it was designed by Jessica Hogarth who also designs many of the papers I craft with.

I am going to sleep on it and will probably end up doing what I should have done with my time in the first place and make one! Maybe I could knit or crochet a little pocket, or fill a clear case with die cuts of my favourite papers.

Whilst in the midst of this mind numbing process, I came to the realisation that I will definitely never be able to get a tattoo.

How can I possibly choose a design to have adorning my body for the rest of my life when I can’t even settle on a phone cover design!?? There is simply no way I could make a decision on something so permanent. Imagine what I am like when choosing wallpaper. Luckily I’ve never had to redecorate an entire room and have to make all of the important design decisions.

Woodland Autumnal card

Woodland Autumnal card

Maybe today is not the day to make a decision anyway (on the phone case, not the tattoo!). I’ve spent two and a half hours this afternoon trying to design a card for a tutorial project I’ve been asked to do! I kept changing my mind with the layout and the papers. I still wasn’t happy with what I finally ended up with so will probably  be making it again tomorrow.

And of course because of all this faffing and indecision, I am now – at five past eight in the evening – writing the blog post that I should have written this morning, following on from the Create & Craft TV launch of my favourite papercraft collection. In complete contrast to being incapable to make a decision today, I instantly knew that this kit was my favourite.

I wrote about it before the show last week, and you can read that post here, but as it’s Tuesday, and it’s usually when I share my crafting tips, I had planned to share the ‘four techniques in one card’ demo that I finished the show with on Friday night.

Time to Sparke techniques demo1I wanted to show as many ways to use the kit as possible so it’s a bit haphazard in design but demonstrates a stamped, heat embossed background, a coloured shape and two washi tape techniques.  It also uses a few more elements from the kit that I wanted to show off, specifically the snowflake brads (*SWOON*) and the super thick and chunky dimensional stickers. There are two large sheets of designs in the pack and they’re amazing for gift tags, decorating envelopes, scrapbook pages and of course cardmaking.

Time to Sparke techniques demo1

Time to Sparke techniques 

I created the background for the top left section of the card by repeatedly using the snowflake stamps with gold ink to build up the design. I then added pearl embossing powders and used the heat tool to set them.

I followed the line of the design by fixing three rows of washi tape at an angle. This is a great way of creating customised backgrounds for your cards. I used each of the tapes in the kit once to show them all off. I cut a piece of the glittered papers to fit the bottom right side of the card in the same angle.


Time to Sparkle techniques

Then I used washi tape to create a frame, fixing it to all four edges of a rectangle of the patterned papers. I placed a wooden reindeer shape in here and made it the focus of the card. Again I used the combination of gold ink and pearl embossing powders to colour the wooden shape. It’s important to thoroughly cover the shape in ink, don’t be shy, and to be generous with the embossing powder too. Also, make sure you hold the shape with tweezers or something that will prevent you from burning your fingers.

I put all of these elements together to make the card, and finished it off with some dimensional stickers and the snowflake brad.

Time to Sparkle Anniversary card

Time to Sparkle Anniversary card

Here is the first card I made using this kit, showing how the papers and embellishments are perfect for other celebrations, not just Christmas. This is for my friend’s 10th wedding anniverary this weekend. The papers are perfect for a party vibe and the sentiments work for any occasion too.

Hope you managed to get your kit but if you didn’t, you can still get the card making kit here or the papercraft kit here.

Now, I’m off to spend the next two hours looking online for phone cases!! 😉


8 thoughts on “Why I will never have a tattoo (yes, this is a craft blog!)

  1. Isn't She Crafty says:

    Haha this really made me smile. It is so reassuring that there are other people as indecisive as me!

    I do have tattoos. The newest is a real nod to my fickle nature and inability to make decisions. I have a charm bracelet so I can add to it as I need (it started with a strawberry as a memory of my dad. He loved the Beatles. Strawberry Fields…) and will gain special additions if I want. It means I never again have to think where a tattoo is going!

    I’m intending to apply to the Trimcraft DT. I made a decision. Until I doubted myself and decided not to. Then changed my mind again. I’ve been at work, not quite sure how anything has been achieved through my dithering. Now I’ve only got to narrow down my submissions. Oh dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathy Crafts TV says:

    That’s great news. Good luck! I am sure whatever you submit will be great. I don’t have any involvement in choosing the DT but I bet it’s a difficult decision!
    I love that your tattoos are sentimental (and adaptable!). I think that’s the only way I would have one, if I ever did take the plunge.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. littleamanda7609 says:

    I tried for the Trimcraft DT last time but didn’t get in and I’m so disheartened as I’ve tried and tried so I’m not going for it this time, I’ve been trying to get on DT’s for the last 5 years and I’ve never even had so much as a mention so I take it my work is not good enough.

    As for Tattoos, my friend has several. They say that once you have one then you want another. I have an idea of what I would like, however I have really severe Fibromyalgia and mot days I cannot stand anyone touching my skin so if I cannot abide that then what am I going to be like with a tattooists needle. I’m not against people having them, I’m just horrified at the state of the ones I see regularly! If you are going to have a permanent work of art on your body, then set aside the money and get it done properly and not cheaply. That’s me being picky but I have seen some proudly displaying the most awfully done ones I would like to ask them if they were drunk!


    • Kathy Crafts TV says:

      Oh you shouldn’t be put off and you should keep trying if it’s something you really want to do. I believe that things happen when they’re meant to and your time will come.
      I have also heard that tattoos can be addictive and people usually don’t stop at just one. And you do have to trust the artist doing them. What if it didn’t turn out at all like you had hoped?! Too risky for me!

      Liked by 1 person

      • littleamanda7609 says:

        I am hoping so, I have just seen a DT call and I have entered it and am hoping for the best. Itv just seems to be taking years for me to get noticed and others get in within a year or two of trying. Just frustration really.

        My friend has a few tattoos and the place where she got hers done is one where they are very much for quality and design. Nothing gets put on you until you have approved the design yourself. I’m afraid of having the tattoo react on my sensitive skin and me regretting it.

        Liked by 1 person

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