DIY Green tea face scrub

Three ingredient homemade face scrub

DIY Green Tea Face Scrub

DIY Green Tea Face Scrub

I have just returned from a wonderful couple of days on the south Devon coast during what is surely the hottest October half term on record.

My kids played in the sea for two hours, one of them admittedly in a wet suit, and the other in his birthday suit! Suffice to say he doesn’t feel the cold and this morning, with the temperature falling to 4 degrees, he has still gone to school in his shorts!

Despite my desire to jump in the sea with my little ones, the thought of changing into a damp hired wetsuit on the beach without a swimming costume to preserve my modesty was enough to put me off! We had only planned a coastal walk as we certainy weren’t expecting such a glorious day. I had to make do with paddling along the shore line but there really is nothing like the feeling of the waves lapping at your feet and the sand between your toes.

Whilst enjoying the natural exfoliant on my feet I thought about other areas of the body that could do with a scrub down. Salt is a little abrasive for the face so I decided to try a sugar scrub instead and combine it with green tea with its super antioxidant powers.

DIY Green Tea Face Scrub

I have to say my face instantly felt refreshed and radiant after using my homemade face scrub …. well, as radiant as I will ever get! It took just a minute to make and with only three store cupboard ingredients there’s no excuse not to try this.

And if that wasn’t reason enough, how about the fact that this homemade green tea face scrub is completely natural, free from artificial nasties such as colours and perfumes and is actually organic too!

So how are you going to make this organic, natural homemade green tea face scrub?

DIY Green Tea Face Scrub

You will need: 

  • Two Green Tea bags
  • Two tablespoons of caster sugar (or soft brown sugar, nothing too coarse)
  • Three tablespoons of Coconut Oil (roughly!)


Homemade face scrub

Despite it being a wonderfully warm and bright October, it’s still difficult to take nice, bright pictures!

Mix it up:

Snip the corner off the green tea bags and empty the contents into a bowl. Add the caster sugar and stir to mix. Add the conconut oil. The amounts don’t have to be exact, all you’re looking for is a mixture that can be applied to the skin smoothly.

As coconut oil can harden at room temperature – particulary now the weather is turning colder – it can help to press it into the bowl with the back of a spoon when mixing to soften it. You really will need to try and get it as smooth as possible to make sure it feels nice when applying it to the skin. The best advice I was given about mashed potato also applies here…”when you think it’s done enough, do it again!”.

Homemade face scrubHow to use your homemade green tea face scrub:

Wet your face slightly, damp rather than dripping is best, and apply the scrub evenly. Work in circular movements for a couple of minutes, covering the whole face. Again, with the tendancy for coconut oil to harden, I recommend removing the majority with a tissue after use before rinsing in the sink or shower.

I made my scrub the evening before I wanted to use it so it needed a little stir through again before I could apply it. Our bathroom had gone alittle cold overnight and the oil had set again. You can just rub a bit in your hands to soften it again and it will go smooth very quickly.

Homemade face scrub

Bed head! (And a nice black and white filter so I don’t look too scary!)

I did wash my face with a cleanser afterwards so that I was left with silky smooth skin rather than greasy, oily skin!

Wouldn’t these be cute little gifts too? I love a homemade gift, even if it’s as simple as a three ingredient, super speedy, homemade face scrub.

DIY Green Tea Face Scrub

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