Cracker style gift box – Free cut file

I saw a tweet last week from a lady called Lucy, posting as @Shawtiibabyy and was immediately inspired to have a go at the boxes she had created. She had in turn been inspired by a tutorial by Linda Parker which I watched and then created my own Cricut file (only using the free shapes available) and the result is one of the quickest and easiest gift boxes I think I’ll ever make. (I’ve included a link to the free cracker style gift box cut file below so that you can make your own #yourewelcome!)

Cracker Style Gift Boxes by Lucy (@Shawtiibabyy)

Here Lucy has made mini boxes and put them into a larger display box which is a great idea. She has also cut out little windows before making the boxes up.

I made a couple of different boxes, one using the new Trimcraft First Edition Wanderlust paper pad (see image above), and one using a brand new collection that I am not supposed to share yet! I may get into trouble for this but you’re worth it!

Cracker top box Nature's Grace

Cracker Top Gift Box using Dovecraft Nature’s Grace papers

The beauty of this box is that there is an opening at the bottom so that you can get the gift out without ruining the top section. Also, the way these boxes fold and come together, you only need to glue in one place – I used permafix double sided tape and it was simple and quick.


How to make the cracker top box: 

Cracker top box Cricut FileVisit Cricut Design Space to open the cut file:

Set the dial to the correct material and press the cut button. You will need a scoring tool.

Cracker Top Gift Box step by step

Remove the material from the mat and fold along all of the lines. You will need mountain and valley folds for the ‘cracker’ style neck of the box.

Cracker Top Gift Box step by step

For the top of the box you will need to fold the triangles in on themselves. It helps to fold each of the panels first and then fold the triangles inside to do this.

Apply double sided tape to the two tabs and then fold the box in half to stick the box together.

Cracker Top Gift Box step by step

Close the bottom of the box and fold in the triangles at the top. Hey presto, voila, job done!

Copy of Cracker Gift Box Cut File (1)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and thank you Lucy for the inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Cracker style gift box – Free cut file

  1. Kathy Crafts TV says:

    The link goes directly to a Cricut Design Space file. I will try later to create an SVG file to share. I will need to borrow my husband’s iMac to download some software I think so will do it when he finishes work. 🙂


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