Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath finished

Simple Eucalyptus Wreath tutorial

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath bow

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath bow

I am going to attempt to post a festive tutorial every day this week (EEEK! Not Saturday and Sunday though; I will be far too preoccupied with last minute panics, frantic trips to the shops for gift wrap, sprouts and tin foil, slaving over a hot stove, panicking a bit more and also getting tipsy on mulled wine.)

I plan to cover gift wrap, gift tags, teachers’ gifts, table decor and today’s post, a simple festive wreath.

I am way behind on my wreath this year. I usually put it up the day after my daughter’s birthday. She was born in early December so each year we make sure her birthday celebrations are over before we start decorating the house for Christmas.

However, this year, as I handmade a lot of her gifts (see the post all about that here), I am behind schedule on everything else.

So as ever, a speedy craft was called for. I absolutely love eucalyptus at Christmas. The smell is beautiful and I love the muted green leaves, with their bluey hues. I keep meaning to get myself a eucalyptus tree so I don’t have to buy it. It can be expensive depending on where you get it from. I have been warned though that it has a tendency to take over the garden so I think I’d like one in a pot.

I purchased my eucalyptus together with my amaryllis which are essential for my hallway the week running up to Christmas.

Eucalyptus and Amaryllis in a vase

Eucalyptus and Amaryllis in a vase

It’s been hanging for about 24 hours now and each time I go in and out of the front door I catch a whiff of the festive fragrance.  It’s really put me in the Christmas spirit. Here’s how I made it.

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath

How to make a simple eucalyptus wreath 

You will need:

  • Wire wreath (I used two wired together)
  • Florist Wire
  • Eucalyptus springs (I used about 6 stems in total)
  • Battery operated lights (suitable for outdoor use if hanging outside)
  • Washi tape
  • Ribbon
Simple Eucalyptus Wreath Stages 1-3

Simple Eucalyptus Wreath Stages 1-3

  1. Prepare the base of your wreath.  I used two wire wreath blanks as I felt I would have more to fix the sprigs of eucalyptus to if I combined two different sized wreaths. I secured them together using florist’s wire and made sure there was excess wire that I could use to secure the eucalyptus sprigs later in the tutorial.
  2. Secure the battery pack for the fairy lights to the base of the wreath at the back. I used (festive Dovecraft) washi tape wrapped round the battery  pack and the wires of the wreath blank. This way you can still get access to the on/off switch. It doesn’t need to be perfect or pretty as it’s going to be hidden later on.
  3. Wrap the fairy lights around the wreath blank. I wrapped the lights before the foliage as I didn’t want to crush the leaves by adding the lights at the end.
  4. Simple Eucalyptus wreath stages four to six
    Simple Eucalyptus wreath stages four to six

    Start to build the wreath by adding sprigs one at a time. Make sure you place them all facing in the same direction i.e. base of stem to tip in a clockwise direction. I cut sprigs down to between 8 and 12 inches and secured them with the florist wire, using the wire already added in stage 1 if possible, and if not adding small amounts more.

  5. Keep adding sprigs until you have the desired fullness. Towards the end you can start to wrap the sprigs around each other to secure and you don’t need to add more wire.
  6. Turn the lights on and check you can see an even amount all around the wreath. If not, manipulate the fairy lights so that they face the front and poke between the leaves.
  7. Finish with a large bow at the base of the wreath. This serves to add a focal point and also to hide any of the battery pack that hasn’t been covered by the leaves.
  8. Add a ribbon to the top to hang the wreath. The length will depend on how you want it to hang on the door and how it is fixed. I have a great wreath hook that sits on the top of the door but it seemed too bulky for this wreath which is only about 12 inches wide, so I hung it from a picture hook in the door instead.
Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath bow

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath bow

And that’s it. Simple and effective. The project took about an hour, but like I said earlier, I was rushing to get this on the door so I probably could have taken more care / longer or added extra embellishments.

I would like to go a bit bigger next year so may try a rattan or moss wreath rather than the wire. I might add a few fake or paper flowers too.

Come back tomorrow for my teacher’s gifts tutorial.

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath finished

Simple Eucalyptus DIY wreath finished

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