Gift Boxes round up

Table Gift Packaging Ideas

Table Gift Packaging Ideas

I consider wrapping gifts one of the great traditions of Christmas. Like writing the cards and decorating the tree, it’s best done with mulled wine and a classic Christmas soundtrack.

It’s also a tradition in our family to have a table gift. I think this was originally an alternative to crackers on the table, but the tradition goes so far back I can’t remember. We’ve just always done it.

The gifts are simple, nothing expensive or extravagant and they can also be humorous. Trivia quizzes, cosmetics and kitchen gadgets have all been gifted in the past. My husband even got a bottle of HP sauce one year such is his addiction!

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Of course the table gifts become part of the table decor and act as the name place cards so how they are packaged is very important.  We tend to stick to traditional decor on the table so I chose to use the First Edition Gift of Christmas pad. It’s full of classic deep red and green tones, together with gold foil and glitter finishes. The paper designs are traditional with images of Father Christmas, robins, festive flowers and snowflakes, all with a vintage feel.

As most of the gifts were different, I packaged them in different ways so this was a great opportunity to round up four gift box designs.

  1. The Simplest Gift Box

This is the easiest gift box and requires no special tools or equipment; just a ruler, a craft knife and some scissors. It consists of a base and a lid made from squares or rectangles. As my gift measured  14cm by 25cm, I cut my first paper to 19cm by 30cm giving an extra 2.5cm either side. I then scored at 2.5cm along all four sides and folded each score line well.

No Tools Gift Box TutorialYou can’t really see from the picture, but this results in a square on each corner and to make the box you will need to cut along one of the lines to create a tab. Add double sided tape to the pad and then attach to the other side panel. Repeat on all four corners to create the base of the box.

To create the lid I repeated the whole process, this time with a rectangle measuring 19.4cm and the full width of the 12×12 pad. This creates a slightly bigger box for the lid.

No Tools Gift Box Tutorial

No Tool Gift Box

2. The Pillow Gift Box 

Again, a simple one. I not a complex crafter and love crafts that offer instant results! I’ve made pillow gift boxes before but this time I went large! You can make them with toilet rolls inners too. Shorten the tube by a couple of centimeters, cover in patterned paper and secure the ends. Job done!

Giant Pillow Box Tutorial

Giant Pillow Box Tutorial

For my supersized pillow box I created the tube from a piece of paper measuring 18cm inches by 30cm (picture 1). I placed double sided tape on one end of the paper (picture 2) and secured it to the other to make the tube shape.

The trick to the pillow box is to make sure you get the angles on each of the ends correct. Secure the first end by putting double sided tape inside the tube (picture 3) and press down to seal (picture 4). Before you do the other end, make sure you pop the gift inside. I’ve forgotten to do that before!! Seal the opposite end of the tube by pressing together in the opposite direction.

Giant Pillow Box Tutorial

I finished mine off with pom pom ribbon from the Helz Cuppleditch Wonderland collection as this is a child’s gift.

Giant Pillow Box Tutorial

3. The Cracker Top Gift Box 

I loved the cracker top gift box design from my previous post so much  that I made a couple more for the table gifts. The link to the free Cricut Design Space cut file in my previous post too.

Gift Box Selection

Gift Box Selection

4. Diagonal envelope wrap

Again, not technically a gift box but this was perfect for two of the table gifts that seemed too big for the 12×12 paper. When placing the gift on the paper square on, the sides couldn’t meet in the middle and the paper wasn’t wide enough. I had planned to do a gift bag but the gift was too large.

Envelope fold gift wrap tutorial

Envelope fold gift wrap tutorial

Instead, I placed the gift diagonally on the paper and folded the bottom corner up and over the gift, making sure the paper covered the bottom two corners. I then folded the top edge over and creased the paper, opening it back out again before folding the side panels in.  I then added double sided tape to the edges of the top triangle and folded it over again to create the envelope shape. I added the twine and tag to finish.

Envelope Fold Gift Wrap

Envelope Fold Gift Wrap

The Tags 

Each gift has a kraft card tag, topped with a wooden shape and the recipient’s name stamped on with Dovecraft Mini Alphabet Stamps. If you haven’t seen these before, I urge you to discover them here. They’re perfect for so many different craft projects from scrapbooking to card making, and of course gift tags!

I am sure these are going to look great on the table on Christmas Day and it will be a lovely way to start our dinner. Really looking forward to it now. Just four more sleeps!!!

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