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Nature's Grace Flower Pot Card TutorialI’m a bit late writing my reviews of last week’s Create & Craft show but “better late than never” is my life mantra!! (Not a joke!) In actual fact I have been busy with preparations for some trade shows and preparing samples for some new shows as we have lots more exciting things launching.

Back to last week, however. It felt amazing to be back in the studio again …my previous show was way back in October so I was glad to be scheduled for another show!! And sharing the hour with Rachel – my birthday twin – was the icing on the cake!

On the set of Create & Craft

On the set of Create & Craft

As expected so many crafters appreciated the beauty of the Nature’s Grace collection and the two new First Edition paper pads. My Instagram and Facebook comments increased about ten fold when I shared projects using these papers in the weeks running up to the show.

Gel apeture Card TutorialI did three demos, one with each of the new items on the show – Nature’s Grace, Beyond the Shore and Wanderlust and I’ve written tutorials for each below as a reference.

I have learned a couple of life lessons from the show too. The first is to expect the unexpected when handing your phone over to magic hands to take a few snaps for the blog; or rather, I should expect this:


On the set of Create & Craft

On the set of Create & Craft

Quite a shock when scrolling through the images after the show. Also, whilst screen grabbing and cropping the images for this post, I have discovered that watching the shows back with the mute button on is far preferable to listening to myself back!

On the set of Create & Craft

On the set of Create & Craft

Anyhoo, on to the tutorials.

To recreate these demonstrations, you will need (I have included links to the items I used where I can):

DEMO ONE – Flower pot card 

Flower Pot Card steps 1-3

  1. Trim a sheet of the Dovecraft Nature’s Grace yellow flower paper down to a plant pot shape. The top of my plant pot was 3 inches across and the bottom 2 inches.
  2. Pull a Nature’s Grace mini bow apart to create a ribbon and fix to the front of the flower pot. Secure at the back with tape
  3. Flower Pot Card steps 4-6Matt and layer two papers from the Nature’s Grace collection onto the front of a 7×5 kraft card blank
  4. Fix the flower pot to the front of the card using foam tape. I should have put the tape down the two sides and the base of the flower pot to enable the flower stems to slot inside. But instead I put two strips across the width of the pot. Ooops!
  5. Start to fix the flowers in place using a glue gun. I started with the larger flowers at the bottom and work up in size. Snip the stems off with scissors if you need to.
  6. Flower Pot Card steps 7-9Remove any strands of glue and finish with a bow positioned on top of the ribbon on the flower pot and a three pearls in each corner.

DEMO TWO – Beyond the Shore Gel Card

Gel aperture card steps 1-3

  1. Trim a sheet of the bubbles paper from the First Edition Beyond the Shore paper pad to fit a white 6×6 card blank with a small border and fix in place.
  2. Create the topper for the card by cutting a circle into a square of the star design paper . This can be any size as long as the bag you are using fits behind the aperture with a small border so that it can be taped down. Attach foam pads to the corners on the reverse of the square. You can also run a metallic marker around the edge of the inner circle and outer square if you remember to! (Guess what! I forgot during the demo!)
  3. Gel aperture card steps 4-6Fill a zip lock or sealable bag three-quarters full with whichever gel you are using. Remove any excess gel from the neck of the bag then flatten the bag to remove any air. Press the closing to firmly seal the bag.
  4. Gel aperture card steps 7-9Place a piece of double sided tape to the bag, just under the zip and fold the zip over to secure in place.
  5. Run double sided tape along each edge of the square around the aperture and fix the bag in place making sure it is in the right position so that the edges and the bag’s seal are not visible.
  6. Gel aperture card steps 10-12Fussy cut three starfish and two mermaids from the pad and place one of the starfish onto the card so that it will be visible through the gel behind the circle aperture.
  7. Remove the backing from the foam pads on the square and fix on top of the card.
  8. Cut two rectangles from one of the pale coloured paper designs and cut a V into the end of each to create a banner. On the first banner with the V placed to the right, stamp the sentiment ‘Mermaid Kisses’ using the Dovecraft wooden alphabet stamps. Place the second banner with the V positioned to the left and stamp ‘Starfish Wishes’. As I mentioned on air (and have faced some ridicule from my sales director ever since – but then he’s not a crafter!!) it’s impossible to get an exact straight line when using stamps freehand so don’t try and make them straight; stamp them a bit random and it will look like it’s done on purpose!
  9. Gel aperture card steps 13-15Fix the banners with foam tape and position a fussy cut starfish onto the edge of each one.
  10. Fix foam pads to the back of the mermaids and position them on top of the gel aperture.
  11. To finish, add a few star gems to the top right corner of the card.

NOTE I am aware that the square is not exactly straight, but during a live demo, there’s not much I can do about it once it’s stuck down!! Rest assured, if I’d been in my craft room I would have done it again! 

ALSO NOTE: I mentioned on air that sometimes cards like this have a lot of weight in the front. If you find your card won’t stand up, you can place a few matts and layers inside to add weight to the back too and even it out slightly. It also helps to have the fold at the top rather than the side on a weighty card. 

DEMO THREE – Wanderlust diagonal card

Wanderlust card steps 1-3

  1. Cut two different papers from the First Edition Wanderlust paper pad into rectangles to fit the front of a white 7×5 card blank leaving a small border. Trim one diagonally from corner to corner and fix in place on top of the first rectangle. You could also trim both rectangles into triangles and make a second card in reverse.
  2. Before you fix in place on top of the card blank, undo a lilac mini bow from the Nature’s Grace collection and pull apart to create a ribbon. Fix in place with double sided tape. I very nearly forgot to do this and had to ask Rachel to help as I’d already put glue runner on the back ready to fix in place!
  3. Wanderlust card steps 4-6Fussy cut three flowers in decreasing sizes and four butterflies from the paper pad. Fix the flowers in place with foam pads starting with the largest at the bottom and working up the join of the triangles. Position a butterfly between each flower
  4. Add a mini bow on top of the ribbon.
  5. Fix a LOVE sentiment from the First Edition paper cuts into the top right corner of the card and add a fussy cut butterfly into the corner. TIP: when attaching butterflies, only glue down the centre so that the butterfly’s wings stand out from the card. It can help to bend the papers slightly before you do this to make the wings stick out.
  6. Fix a butterfly to the bottom right triangle in the same way.

Please share your Nature’s Grace, Wanderlust and Beyond the Shore projects on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest using the #Trimcraft hashtag.



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