#Marchmeetthemaker Instagram┬áchallenge (part 1)

This month I've been taking part in the #marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge by @Joannehawker. I'm obsessed with Instagram, and I'm a maker so this seemed perfect. Less perfect however, is my schedule for March, which meant that I haven't been posting images for all of the prompts on the correct day! Nevertheless I have been trying … Continue reading #Marchmeetthemaker Instagram┬áchallenge (part 1)

Torn papers make unusual mats and layers for this card made using Simply Creative Floral Luxe papers

A blog of two halves

It's time to reveal another irresistible collection of papers from the fabulous Simply Creative brand. And this post not only includes my take on these innovative paper designs, but also my daughter's. I can't believe the last time I had a Simply Creative collection on a Create & Craft TV show (not counting Christmas) was … Continue reading A blog of two halves