Torn papers make unusual mats and layers for this card made using Simply Creative Floral Luxe papers

A blog of two halves

It’s time to reveal another irresistible collection of papers from the fabulous Simply Creative brand. And this post not only includes my take on these innovative paper designs, but also my daughter’s.

I can’t believe the last time I had a Simply Creative collection on a Create & Craft TV show (not counting Christmas) was July! It high time we got our craft on with a new collection and once, again I think these are going to fly out when the show airs on Tuesday!

Wreath made by Cat from the Trimcraft marketing team using a selection of Simply Creative papers.

Wreath made by Cat from the Trimcraft marketing team using a selection of Simply Creative papers.

As usual we have six new designs in the collection, each in a 12×12 and 6×6 format. The larger pads are 200gsm, have 5 double sided sheets and 30 pages. The smaller pad has 20 pages, all single sided and is 120gsm.

The designs are shrunk down for the smaller pads so it’s great to mix and match them on your projects and with both sizes you’ve got scrapbooking, cardmaking, off the page crafts, home decor, gift wrap and so much more covered.

Selection of projects made using Simply Creative Floral Luxe papers

Selection of projects made using Simply Creative Floral Luxe papers

Let’s look at each design in more detail:

Floral Luxe – this could be my favourite pad in this latest collection from Simply Creative. The colours are perfect for Spring and the bouquets and wreaths are beautiful. There are some lovely repeat patterns in there too such as hearts and arrows. I made some paper flowers from the 12×12 papers and popped them in a glass bottle wrapped in two of the paper designs.  This would make a lovely Mother’s Day or Easter gift.

Tropicana – actually I think this might be my favourite! Look at those huge botanical leaves and tropical flowers. The green and pink colour scheme is so lush and I just love the background patterned papers, the toucans and the watermelons.

Stargazer – in truth, I don’t have just one favourite because this pad is awesome too! They’re all my favourite. Comic, galactic, celestial designs are bang on trend at the moment in crafts and home decor, plus these papers will work brilliantly with the space-themed dies from Monday’s shows. There are constellations, spaceships, astronauts and galactic repeat patterns to make projects that are out of this world!

Out of the Blue – taking inspiration from patterned ceramic tiles these blue and white paper patterns are a delight to craft with. The sophisticated designs mean that you can make the papers the focus of your project with little need for embellishments so perfect for speed crafting.

Razzle Dazzle – I think it’s safe to say that you won’t find lobsters, denim jackets, cacti and OMG sentiments in any other paper pad. This pad features every colour of the rainbow – and even has rainbow designs – it brightens your day just looking at it, never mind crafting with it!

Monochrome Mix – The final pad in the collection is going to sort out all those masculine makes. Team with black or white card to stick to the monochrome scheme or make the patterns pop by adding bright colours for your mats and layers.

I know there is going to be a mega bundle price for these pads where it will be incredible value to get all six designs in both pad sizes – 300 sheets of paper in total – so I am guessing there wont be many left, if any, after the live hour. We’ll be on air at 1pm Tuesday afternoon so set your reminders.

Over to my daughter!

When I started writing my blog post this morning my daughter (aged 9) asked if she could help so here is her take on the latest Simply Creative papers collection.  Got to love her, I think she did a better job than me!

You’re going to want them as soon as you see them.
Once again they’re going to be on offer, so get them quick! There is so many different things you can do with these papers. You can make cards for so many occasions.

As with all Simply Creative pads, there is no doubt, you won’t stop loving them! In all the Simply Creative pads, you have great value.You can make cards for boys and girls, family and friends, there will be no point in buying cards from the shops!!!

Simply Creative paper pads are always very popular because the price is so good for 200gsm 12×12 inch papers some of which are double sided as well as 120gsm 6×6 papers. The pattern options make them ideal for cardmakers etc. etc. like me and I just know the designs are going to be loved by everyone.

Simply Creative will soon be sold out so grab a paper pack super fast! I can’t believe that the last time we sold these cute papers was in the Summer and we sold out within the hour. It may be the same this year so buy it in the live hour and the price will reduce, and go back to normal when the show is over so get online quick.

These papers have been popular for years now and the’re about to get even more popular with people from around the world. Watch the Trimcraft show on Create and Craft T-V and get some inspiration for what to do with the new collection of papers.

Simply Creative is another brand that will make your life more interestingly amazing!!!

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