#Marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge (part 1)


This month I’ve been taking part in the #marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge by @Joannehawker. I’m obsessed with Instagram, and I’m a maker so this seemed perfect.

Less perfect however, is my schedule for March, which meant that I haven’t been posting images for all of the prompts on the correct day! Nevertheless I have been trying to catch up and post multiple times to make sure I covered each of the topics.

On Joanne’s web site she states:

Prepare yourself for a month of creative posting on Instagram, making new friends and discovering an incredible amount of new talent to follow. But most of all, prepare yourself for a month of fun and telling the world about YOU and what you make.

2018 see’s the addition of new daily prompts. These were inspired by new ideas and discoveries. Some have even been suggested by you guys – the Maker Community itself.

Show the world your grinning face, the materials you use to create your favourite make and even recommend another maker that you are loving right now. There’s something for everyone!

So here’s the first half of my #marchmeetthemaker challenge (noting that they are not all there and not all in order!)

#Marchmeetthemaker instagram challengeDay 1 – You [A good start as I posted two days late!]  

A little bit late to the #marchmeetthemaker instachallenge but #betterlatethannever is a motto I live by more often than I’d like to admit!
So, #thsisme! I have many guises and often feel too busy but actually am very thankful for my lot. I’m luckier than most to be able to work around my family and do something I love. I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s definitely not. I often feel spread too thinly and without my mum and husband’s help we’d live in a dusty, smelly hovel (well, more dusty and smelly than it is now!) but most of the time it works! Bottom left is ‘everyday’ and how you’ll usually find me -post school-run, wearing my @lucyandyak dungarees and my scarf (always in a scarf and usually wearing sunglasses). I work full time for @trimcraft and am grateful everyday for making the career change from a senior role in a PR agency into the unknown as a craft coordinator. The Trimcraft family have welcomed me with open arms and I love what I do. In my role I have hosted workshops, written tutorials for blogs and magazines, created projects as inspiration for new product ranges and you may have seen me on the set of @createcrafttv (note the terror in my eyes as I attempt a selfie on the set!! Definitely need more practice, but just hate them!! ). I’m looking forward to the madness of #marchmeetthemaker and will try my very best to keep up despite my poor start!


Day 2 – Where

#Marchmeetthemaker instagramCatching up with #marchmeetthemaker and day 2 was ‘where?’ The answer to that is ‘anywhere’! I have craft items in most rooms in the house despite having my own (overflowing) craft room! I couldn’t even include a pic of my craft room! I will knit anywhere …at the kids’ swimming and tennis lessons, in the car, in bed, I just about managed to stop myself from taking my yarn to the pub quiz this week! I have been known to take my die cutting machine to tennis and sit cutting flowers for a big project! I never sit still and fill most time with craft! I often craft in the kitchen and get the kids involved. My daughter is very creative and can already make a decision on whether layouts ‘work’ or not. My son loves to create decoupage images and makes his friends’ birthday cards. I also feel at home in the @createcrafttv studio in Peterborough and usually have a show about once a month on average (have two days there this month though 😀). Geographically ‘where’ is #wolverhampton, where my husband was born and didn’t want to leave. Thankfully it’s not too far from my family either.

Day 3 – How you started



#marchmeetthemaker instachallenge prompt 3 is ‘how you started’. I think I probably owe it to these two inspirational ladies. On the right is my Nanny Hill.. she would make 2 dozen cakes every Sunday without fail, made all of our birthday cakes and knit each of her grandchildren a jumper every year. I channel a little bit of her every time I pick up the needles or bake a cake. My mum tells me her mum – on the left – was also a creative spirit. She would sew and bake and all whilst running a club and bringing up a family of seven children. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to know her properly but I did do cross stitch with my mum and Aunty Joan as a child so my love of making is undoubtedly in my genes.
I still regret to this day taking the advice of my art teacher who said I didn’t have enough potential to do A level art. My creativity was quashed… but not for long. I made a duvet cover whilst at university and painted canvases for my wall but it was few and far between. Then I had my children and it was as if my creativity reemerged. I started making my children’s birthday cakes (pic 2) is an early one and I can proudly say I’ve got better! My professional crafting career however began when a friend introduced me to a local art cafe where I learned to decoupage (forever in your debt @joannaebhaywood). After making a few things at home I started making gifts for family and friends (pic3) My confidence grew and I started selling at craft fairs and opened an Etsy shop. For a long while I dreamed of giving up the day job and crafting for a living and about two years ago the stars aligned for me as I saw the position with @trimcraft advertised. With fear and trepidation I went for it and still can’t quite believe I got the job! Pic 4 & 5 are day 1! I love every day I craft with this amazing stash and still find time to be creative outside of work. My current favourite is knitting and pic 6 is my first knit project. I’ve progressed to clothing now attempting my own pattern and like any knitter have four projects on the needles at the moment!! My next crafty adventure will be embroidery with a @dmc_embroiderymagic paper kit so watch this space!
Day 4 – Favourite to Make


With this post I am back on track and up to date with #marchmeetthemaker. Today’s prompt is favourite thing to make. In all honesty my favourite thing is usually what I am crafting with at the time. I’ve just finished preparing for tomorrow’s @createcrafttv show which will feature these beautiful Beyond the Shore papers from First Edition and adorable Under The Sea dies. I love anything quirky so if you scroll through the other images you’ll see some of my more unusual sentiments that are perfect for this paper / dies combo.

Day 5 – Photography


#marchmeetthemaker day 5 is photography. It’s something I’d like to get better at but probably need to get more props. I’ve been known to set up a mini studio using the picture shelf or bare floorboards in my bedroom, my daughter’s pale blue bedroom wall and even the bathroom floor with the bath panels as a backdrop. I use photography apps such as #Canva #PicCollage and #PicMonkey to edit my shots and create collages to share on my blog and social media but the best photography is done in the Trimcraft office where there’s space, backdrops and props aplenty!
Day 7 – Routine (and Day 6 Workspace)


How opportune that today’s #marchmeetthemaker prompt is routine …I definitely do not have one. Each day and each week is completely different! I can be on @createcrafttv, at the @trimcraft office or out at meetings. Predominantly my weekly routine works round the children and their extra curricular activities – swimming and football on Mondays, long working days whilst they’re at after school club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, tennis on Thursdays and football, @pqawolv and relaxing at the weekend. I am so grateful that I am able to work round their routine most of the time but tomorrow is a case in point where this isn’t the case. I’m even luckier to have an amazing family who allow me to work this way. I’ve snook in Day 6 of #marchmeetthemaker here too as I think this could be the worst workspace @joannehawker has ever seen!!


Day 13 – Work Clothes and Day 15 – Boomerang  [Click here to see the Boomerang]

#Marchmeetthemaker instagram challenge Boomerang and work clothes

#Marchmeetthemaker instagram challenge Boomerang and work clothes

I am so behind with #marchmeetthemaker so I’m combining a few prompts and will share over the next few days to catch up. Here is 13: work clothes and 15: boomerang. I was chatting to a friend the other day and we summised that I’m like the characters from The Good Life! I’m either channelling Barbara in my @lucyandyak dungarees when working from home and crafting, or transforming into Margot when I face the world, meeting customers and representing @trimcraft. Love my double life!

Day 10 – Time to Relax


Last weekend’s #marchmeetthemaker prompt was #relax (still catching up!). Actually I tend not to relax. Ever! I fill my ‘spare’ time (when I probably should be running the hoover round, emptying the dishwasher or cleaning the bathroom) with craft. Even though I craft for a living I still find joy in making. My relaxing crafts, as opposed to working crafts, are knitting and now embroidery. I was lucky enough to be given a @dmc_embroidery magic paper kit to try at a recent trade show and I can honestly say I am instantly hooked! I first picked up the needle and #dmcthreads more than 30 (😳) years ago when I did cross stitch patterns with my mum and Aunty. I still love transforming a blank canvas into something beautiful and enjoy the conversation it sparks when others see it! This one is very much still a#workinprogress

Day 18 – Inspiration [Click here to see the flick through]


#Marchmeetthemaker instagram challenge – inspiration

Today’s #marchmeetthemaker theme is #inspiration. I find my inspiration in many ways, the main one probably being the materials I work with. @Trimcraft products are truly an inspiration. Each time I have a new product or collection I instantly think of cards or projects I want to make. The other way I approach making is when someone asks me for something specific for someone in particular. Then, I work it backwards finding the papers and embellishments to go with the idea. Failing that, when I do get crafter’s block, I browse#instagramhashtags such as #cardmaker #papercraft and #crafter, visit Pinterest or head to www.thecraftblog.com inspiration gallery. I don’t copy designs but find that this can often spark an idea that I can build on. This pad is the new First Edition Botanical Beauty paper pad and I am full of ideas for this one! 🌺(Although this is today’s #marchmeetthemaker prompt, I haven’t quite caught up yet so I’ll be doubling up a few next week too).

Day 16 – Helper


The #marchmeetthemaker prompt for day 16 was helper! Obviously I rope these two in whenever I can!! Actually my daughter loves to help, often offering to support in some way and even contributed to a recent blog post. She’s very crafty and has just had a bedroom reconfiguration to enable the installation of an art area complete with easel and a selection of different paints! My son’s favourite craft is decoupage but he does have to be in the mood to help! In this post focusing on helpers, I must also mention my husband who fetches, drops off, feeds and generally picks up the pieces with the kids when I am working. He’s also chief lighting supervisor when I’m taking my pictures as I have a fear of lightbulbs so he sorts those out when I get the ‘big lights’ out. And of course my mother, without whom we would live in a slum! She cleans and tidies, does our ironing and generally makes sure I’m not reported for neglecting household chores!! #crafter#crafterslife #liveacreativelife #craftteam#handmadeisbest #makeitdontbuyit#craftwithkids

See more about the #marchmeetthemaker challenge at https://www.marchmeetthemaker.com/ and in my next post I’ll share the rest of my ramblings!


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