Dovecraft Lost & Found


Dovecraft Lost & Found handmade memory hoop

A few weeks ago I saw an Instagram post that asked crafters for their favourite project they have ever made. I have made so many things that it’s impossible to choose just one but this memory hoop I created recently for using the Dovecraft Lost & Found collection would definitely be up there in my top five.

I just adore this collection with its sense of adventure and soft colour palette. There are camping scenes, icons for travelers including cameras, compasses and tents, wild animals such as stags and bears and even hexagon wooden frames.

I made my Dad’s birthday card using this kit as he’s an outdoorsy person. He loves to go walking in the countryside, something I am glad to say I’ve inherited, so this was right up his street. I created it using my new favourite card shape, which I saw the hugely talented Ruth Hamilton share on her instagram feed.

I made sure it looked as impressive coming out of the envelope as it would on the shelf by stamping the compass several times to create my own paper pattern. Happy to say Dad loved it and it’s still on the mantelpiece.

Dovecraft Lost & Found

Dovecraft Lost & Found

I’m going to love showing you this on Create & Craft tomorrow so I do hope you can join me at 10am or 9pm to see what crafty adventures you could have.


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