Hi, I am Kathy and I have a dream job!

I craft for a living, showcasing the amazing range of Trimcraft products and its First Edition, Simply Creative and Dovecraft brands on Create & Craft TV.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to craft. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from rearranging, cutting, fixing and decorating materials so that they turn into something completely unrecognisable from its original form. I believe that taking the time and effort to make something means a little piece of you is ingrained into the finished item and that is something you can’t buy. 


However, I will happily admit that I make it up as I go along.  I don’t have an artistic or creative education and was dissuaded from taking on A-level art due to a lack of talent and ability. But this merely stemmed by creative flow for a while, before it emerged, stronger than ever when I began crafting again with my young children.

Over the years I have tried many different crafts. Together with my Aunt and Mum I made cross stitch gift cards and frames. I tried clay and salt dough modelling, jewellery making, glass painting, calligraphy and screen printing. At university I made my own duvet cover and pillow cases and I even made a dress to wear for a friend’s wedding once!

on-create-craft-usa-set-6nov2016Now I craft for a living and help my two children unleash their creativity. My home is filled with handmade wall art and decorations and I get excited at the thought of all the craft techniques I have yet to master, although I believe crochet will forever evade me!

I am proof that you don’t need to have attended art collage, passed a course or have a natural artistic talent in order to create something beautiful. Simple and speedy makes are just the start of your creative journey.

You will find some of my craft projects on http://www.thecraftblog.com, in craft and cardmaking magazine and on my social channels. below. And don’t forget to share your crafty results with me too!