Inspiration on tap

It is by design that this #TuesdayTip is a day late. The tragic events in Manchester on Monday night that dominated the news all day yesterday left me numb. The vindictive and senseless attack on innocent people enjoying one of the most basic pleasures in life - a shared love of music - was incomprehensible to … Continue reading Inspiration on tap

TuesdayTip - using photographs for handmade cards3

It’s a photo opportunity (Tuesday Tip)

Since contracting the scrapbooking bug I have been thinking about photographs in a different light. Whereas I once happily took a photo knowing it would sit dormant on my camera's memory until I was unable to take any more images and then be downloaded onto a USB stick or computer to be looked at one … Continue reading It’s a photo opportunity (Tuesday Tip)

Dreaming of 8 days a week – #TuesdayTip diecutting techniques

So yes, another week passes and the #TuesdayTip has slipped into Wednesday. In my defense, I was in the Create & Craft TV studios all day Monday and I took holiday leave to celebrate my little boy's 5th birthday yesterday. This brings us to Wednesday and so before I offer another belated #TuesdayTip I must apologise for my … Continue reading Dreaming of 8 days a week – #TuesdayTip diecutting techniques