#Marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge (part 1)

This month I've been taking part in the #marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge by @Joannehawker. I'm obsessed with Instagram, and I'm a maker so this seemed perfect. Less perfect however, is my schedule for March, which meant that I haven't been posting images for all of the prompts on the correct day! Nevertheless I have been trying … Continue reading #Marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge (part 1)


Return to Create & Craft – Preview 2 of 3

It's time for part two of the three-part-preview to the upcoming Create & Craft show on 9 January. Following the first post which focused on the fabulous First Edition Wanderlust paper pad, this post will contain loads of inspiration for projects made using the First Edition Beyond the Shore paper pad. As I explained in … Continue reading Return to Create & Craft – Preview 2 of 3