Paper succulents in a frame

Such love for Succulents

It seems succulents are here to stay as a craft trend and I, for one, couldn't be happier. It's about the only plant I can keep alive and thankfully, with my hectic daily routine, they need little attention. A crafty succulent will always catch my eye too. I bought a lovely succulent watercolour from a … Continue reading Such love for Succulents

Harry Potter handmade cake toppers

Handmade Harry Potter Themed Birthday

Last week we celebrated my little lady's 9th birthday. To put this blog post into context, she is an enormous Harry Potter fan. And I mean a fan, to the extreme! For example when she hands her homework in, she puts Harry Potter as her name. (What's that about?!) And for her creative writing lessons … Continue reading Handmade Harry Potter Themed Birthday