Deco Mache Easter Eggs

Tuesday Tip – Deco Mache drying

Tonight's #TuesdayTip is a very quick one as I have just returned from Create & Craft TV after this morning's show, but it's a very handy one for Deco Mache projects. I recently decorated some polystyrene eggs for an Easter project and half way through decorating the first one wondered how I was going to … Continue reading Tuesday Tip – Deco Mache drying


Decoupage wreath card holder video tutorial

The Christmas cards have started to arrive and to avoid them piling up on the kitchen table, why not try this decoupage wreath card holder. The video takes you through each stage of the project step by step so you can create your own stunning wreath that will look fantastic on any wall.   The project … Continue reading Decoupage wreath card holder video tutorial